My Tirupattur
  • In Acient Tirupattur is known as the "Sandalwood Town" due to the abundant availability of sandalwood trees in the surrounding hills.It is very close to the 4th major hill station of Tamil Nadu, the Yelagiri hills, which is also known as the common man's Ooty.The town is at an average elevation of 388m.

Historical Moments:
  • Tirupattur is called as the “Sandal City”, Even a rough estimation cannot easily be established on the origin of Tirupattur town, owing to its antiquity.

    Through, the inscriptions, so far surveyed by Archeological Survey of India in Tirupattur, it is estimated that this town is more than 1600 years old. During the regimes of various rulers like Cholas, Vijaya Nagara Dynasty, Hoysalas the town had been referred to, by the following names :Sri Mathava Chaturvedi Mangalam,Veera Narayana Chaturvedi Mangalam, Tiruperur and Brahmapuram (Brahmeeswaram). The present name "Tirupattur' might have got derived from "Tiruperur".Erstwhile "Tiruperur" or "Sri Madhava Chaturvedi Mangalam" was in "Eyyil Nadu", subdivision of "Nigarili Chola Mandalam", division of "Chola Empire". There existed a fort in the eastern part of the town around 800 years ago. Its entrance might have been near the Kottai Darwaja Sri Veera Anjaneyar Temple, since the word "Kottai" in Tamil means "Fort", and the word "Darwaja" in Hindi/Urdu means "Gate" or "Door". The area is still known as "Kottai"(fort).

    The Town was ruled by Cholas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Vijaya Nagara rulers, Vallala Maharajan, Sambuvarayars, Tipu, Nawabs of Arcot and undoubtedly by the British.

Foundation of Tirupattur
  • Tirupattur Municipality was constituted as a third grade municipality in the year 1886. As per G.O. No. 194, date: 10.02.1970, classified as Second Grade Municipality. At present from 1.4.1977 onwards as per G.O. No. 654, classified as first grade municipality.

Name Meaning
  • The name Tirupattur means a group of ten villages/small towns. There exists a village called Aathiyur (Aathi means Begin) in the southern fringes of the Town and Kodiyur (Kodi means End) in the northern fringes of the town.

Climates of Tirupattur
  • This town is known for recording coldest temperature in the Tamil Nadu plains during winter. The seasonal climate conditions are moderate and the weather is uniformly salubrious. The town experiences hot summers and cool winters.

    The town gets its majority of rainfall during the south west monsoon period. September and October are the wettest months with around 400mm of rain being received in these two months. The town also experiences fairly frequent thunderstorms in late April and May, which gives necessary relief from the heat, along with the dip in night temperatures. The warmest nights are in May, when the town has an average minimum temperature of 23.4C. The coldest nights are in January, when the average minimum temperatures drop to 16.1C. May is the hottest month with an average maximum of 37.0C.

    The highest ever temperature recorded in the town is 46.3C on May 7, 1976. The lowest ever recorded temperature is 10.2C on December 15, 1974. The highest 24 hour precipitation is 167.3mm received on November 4, 1966. The average annual rainfall being received in the town is 982mm.